I found an interesting poem from a woman who stepped down from her position as chapter president in 1973. Margaret Fifield writes to the members of Pensacola NOW in a letter that makes me wonder what else went on in the chapter. What led her to write this poem?

Some feminists are like sheep They’ll follow anybody Just so they don’t have to lead.

Some feminists are lambs
Being led to the slaughter

Some feminists are like mules
Plodding along through the mire
Hoping everything will be O.K., tomorrow.

Some feminists are like rabbits
So busy hopping about that they
Can not (or will not) admit what’s happening.

Some feminists are like parrots
Talking a lot
But saying nothing that is new.

Some feminists are like dogs
With a bone of contention
Until something more valuable comes along.

Some feminists are like snakes
Slithering about very carefully
Always in control of themselves, and any situation.

But the worst feminists of all
Are like poisonous snakes, destroying anyone around
Who doesn’t watch where she’s going.

Too bad some feminists aren’t more human
Then they could read the signs
That say: “Beware of Snakes:”