If you’re using Windows and you haven’t heard of AutoHotkey, you need to get it. It will change your life.

I’m currently using these four scripts:

  • dddate - When you press “ddd” on the keyboard, the current date is pasted into the text box.

  • noF1 - Blocks F1 from opening the Windows Help page. I made this because it kept annoying me. You can hold the Ctrl key down with F1 for normal behavior.

  • numClear - Keeps numlock on at all times and changes the Numlock key to clear all text in the text box. This saves you from highlighting text and deleting it.

  • removeLines - Highlight a bunch of text and press F13. This will remove all line and paragraph breaks, resulting in a single block of text. Helpful for the abstract section in InMagic.

  • unCapitalize - Highlight text and press F14. It will replace all uppercase characters to lowercase characters. This saves time in APA formatting.