I’ve got some more AutoHotkey scripts that I wanted to share! These have been extremely helpful to me at work and I use them every day.


Just press the Control + Space key and it will toggle the current window to lock on top of the others. This can get a bit wonky with multiple windows on top, but most of the time it works great.


Press the Control + Shift + Space key to toggle the currently active window roll status. This script acts wonky sometimes depending on how the window is composited, so beware.


By typing “ppp”, this script generates a sufficiently random string of text that can be used for passwords. I wanted to make the text easy to remember, but hard to crack with a brute force attack (explained nicely by XKCD-936 [A] and more in detail on the wiki page [A]).

I thought I would make the passwords a mix of a color, a fruit, a two-digit number, and a punctuation character. This combination creates a human readable and memorable string, but rated on password checkers, is exceptionally strong. Some sites estimate that it would take an average of tens of thousands, if not millions, of years to crack.

You can add more colors, fruits, and symbols, but I wanted to make sure that the punctuation characters would be easy to hand write when giving them to new employees and that each symbol would not require a US keyboard (no dollar signs, etc.).