Tim D'Annecy

Graduate student in North Carolina


26 Mar 2015

Found! "Be nice"

I came across an interesting quote in a newsletter from 2000 by a member of the University of Florida campus...

01 Mar 2015

Found! Poem from a Pensacola NOW

I found an interesting poem from a woman who stepped down from her position as chapter president in 1973. Margaret...

19 Feb 2015

Project proposal

I wrote this paper as a quick update to my thesis committee. At this point, I feel overwhelmed with the...

01 Jan 2015

Found! Uterus comic

I came across a funny comic in one of the newsletters from Tallahassee NOW dated February 1980. Thought I’d share...

01 Jan 2015

Found! Feminist organizational chart

While working through a folder on the Florida NOW archive, I found a sketch of a few organizational charts from...