Add Azure AD Guests to RedCap


After setting up RedCap in Azure in a previous post, I got a request to add an external person to your RedCap installation. I wanted to document what I did to make it easier for others.

To make user management easier, I created an Assigned Security Group in Azure AD titled “RedCap Users”. I then added the Group assignment to the RedCap app in Azure AD at Enterprise applications > RedCap > Users and groups > Add user/group:

Screenshot of Azure AD Enterprise Applications, Users and groups blade

After I assigned the Group to the app, I invited my external Gmail account to the Azure AD tenant at Users > New user > Invite external user:

Screenshot of Azure AD, new user create button

I added my user information, then added the account to the RedCap users group: Screenshot of Azure AD New User invite, Groups pane

After I added the account, I needed to change the setting in Azure AD to allow external Microsoft accounts to access Redcap. To do this, I needed to change the App Registration Manifest, found in Azure AD > App registrations > RedCap > Manifest.

I changed 2 values from the default:

Screenshot of Azure AD App, Manifest file Screenshot of Azure AD App, Manifest file

After making these changes, I checked my email and completed the invitation to the Azure AD tenant:

Screenshot of an email from Azure AD inviting a user to a tenant

After going through the signup process, I see the App listed in the My Apps page for my Guest account: Screenshot of Microsoft My Apps page

After clicking through, I was able to setup my RedCap account and was authorized to login:

Screenshot of RedCap Basic User Information Form Screenshot of RedCap Account created notification

My RedCap user account shows up as my email at, indicating that I am a Guest/External account in the tenant:

Screenshot of RedCap login information

When I login as a RedCap administrator, I can see my Guest account has been added to the Browse Users list:

Screenshot of RedCap Browse Users page

I hope this was helpful to others. It took me a bit to find the attribute I needed to change in the Manifest to get it working.