Fix email discovery by adding a DNS entry for Azure Virtual Desktop

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One of the most important pieces of an Azure Virtual Desktop rollout is to add a TXT record in your DNS service. This will allow users to discover their email address when they sign in to the Azure Virtual Desktop client for the first time.

You may have seen this issue when you try signing in using the option under Menu > Subscribe with URL:

Screenshot of AVD client menu - Subscribe with URL

You'll get the following error:

We couldn't find any Workspaces associated with this email address. Try providing a URL instead.

Screenshot of AVD client error

To fix this issue, you'll need to add a TXT record in your DNS with the following values:

Name Type TTL TTL unit Value
_msradc TXT 300 Seconds

If you're using Azure DNS, navigate to your domain and click Add record set and enter the values above.

Screenshot of Azure DNS - Add new record

After this record replicates, try signing in again and you'll see the successful message, “We found Workspaces at the following URLs:"

Screenshot of AVD client - Successful discovery

I hope this helps you with your Azure Virtual Desktop deployment. This DNS piece is often overlooked and can cause a lot of confusion for users.