Expand Powershell output from a Microsoft Online Services Module


I read through quite a bit of troubleshooting information trying to get Powershell to fully expand the output of commands from a MS Online Service Module—in this case, Exchange Online.

I kept getting outputs with ellipses:

Get-DistributionGroup -Identity examplegroup@example.com | Format-table -Wrap -Autosize -Property Name,Acceptmessagesonlyfrom

{Office of the President, Bob Smith, Bob Jones, Bob Doe...}

The way Powershell is handling this output is frustrating to me. I am not used to a scripting language cleaning up its output to look pretty, unless I specify some filtering options.

I played around with multiple versions of -wrap or -autosize and a ton of other arguments thinking it was an issue with format-table. The problem in this case is actually a quirk in the MS module, not the Powershell format-table or format-list command.

Luckily, this Stack Overflow post[A] has the solution to set the following:


... and then run your commands.

I was trying to run the following command to see which users had permissions to email a distribution group with a send-from restriction:

Get-DistributionGroup -Identity XXX | Format-table -Wrap -AutoSize -property acceptmessagesonlyfrom