Allow Windows Quick Assist UAC prompts in Intune

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On Windows, to allow Quick Assist to display UAC prompts to a remote user, you need to make a few quick changes.

Microsoft Endpoint (Intune)

Older instructions are here: [A]

New instructions are:

  1. Open the Endpoint management dashboard

  2. Click on “Devices” and select “Configuration profiles”. Click on “Create profile”. Change Platform to “Windows 10 and later” and the Profile type field to “Settings catalog (preview)”. Click the “Create” button.

  3. Give it a basic name and navigate to the “Configuration settings” page.

  4. Click the “Add settings” button. Double click on the “Local Policies Security Options” entry in the Settings picker pane on the right. Check the box for the option “User Account Control Switch To The Secure Desktop When Prompting For Elevation”. Back on the main settings area to the left, change the dropdown to “Disabled” and click the “Next” button. Screenshot of Endpoint management policy configuration page

  5. Enable the policy to all devices (as needed) and then test.