Tim D'Annecy


#PowerShell #Outlook #Windows

I have multiple email accounts that I juggle to support other client tenants, but I keep one primary calendar in Outlook with my work account. Every morning, I go through my other account emails and manually copy over events into my primary calendar so that I don't get double booked. I'm sure there's a better way to manage my calendars, but this has been working for me so far.

This morning, however, I tried to copy a meeting from my alternate account into my primary calendar, but I got the following popup message:

Screenshot of Outlook error message

Microsoft Outlook: Copying meetings is not supported.

I'm running Outlook with a Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise license, version 2312 (Build 17126.20126 Click-to-Run) on the Current Channel. I'm running Windows 11 Business with a Windows 11 Enterprise subscription, Version 23H2, OS Build 22631.2861, with Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22681.1000.0

To fix this issue in Outlook and to be able to copy calendar entries across accounts, I needed to make a change in the Registry.

To make it easier and to give others the ability to deploy this org-wide, I wrote up a quick PowerShell script that changes the value.